Challenge Type 1 Blog

Hi everyone.  I am Alex Bautz (also pictured is Echo).  I have been a ConnecT1D Board member for four years and am the lead for Team ConnecT1D.  I am launching a blog on the ConnecT1D site as part of the ConnecT1D Challenge Type 1 Fund.   The Challenge Type 1 Fund is a campaign to raise money to support life-changing personal adventures within our ConnecT1D community that bring people together and foster stories of connections and inspiration.  We will be announcing more details soon on how to get involved, but this blog is about building an ongoing conversation around the adventures in Type 1.  I will be posting regularly, whether in video or text form, through November as I prepare for an adventure that scares me a great deal – Ironman Cozumel.  The posts will range in topic, and I hope people comment and ask questions that can be covered in the blog.  Additionally, since I am not that exciting of a subject, my hope is that the community gets involved, and posts their own stories.  This way, by November, I will be but one of countless voices telling the world how amazing our network is.   

Let's get this conversation going!  Keep an eye out for the next post, and feel free to send your own stories in to to share your adventures in Type 1.