ConnecT1D is founded on the basic principle that people with Type 1 Diabetes manage their disease better when they have strong connections and support from others. We are a volunteer-run and managed nonprofit organization, driven by passionate and engaged people who share a belief that social and emotional support is essential to diabetes management and well-being.

ConnecT1D fills a critical gap for people living with Type 1 Diabetes. It complements other diabetes organizations and provides a needed service for lifelong health. We connect people living with Type 1 Diabetes to the programs and services in their community through our calendar and monthly newsletter. 

Check out what we do and let us know what you think.

ConnecT1D offers programs for everyone impacted by Type 1 Diabetes. From the newly diagnosed dealing with learning how to program basal rates to the wily veteran who changes their lancet annually, there's something for you here.

We believe that life with Type 1 Diabetes is made just a bit easier when you know someone else with the disease. Start here to find out ways to connect with the Type 1 Diabetes community. 

The ConnecT1D Family Camp is our signature event and will be held September 30 - October 2, 2016 at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, WA. Click through to get all the information about this Type One of a kind program!

Getting Connected is easier than a blood test.

ConnecT1D keeps the T1D community informed through monthly Enewsletters, blog posts and regular updates to social media. If you are new to ConnecT1D or to Type 1 Diabetes, take these four steps:

1. Join the Enewsletter list by clicking on the link below.
2. Like us on Facebook.
3. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
4. Subscribe to the blog and check out the events calendar.

If you are a T1D veteran and/or interested in getting more involved, there are lots of ways to connect:

1. Attend an event near you to meet others with T1D.
2. Create an event to meet others - email us for help!
3. Volunteer at one of our upcoming events.
4. Donate to ConnecT1D.
5. Shop at companies that benefit ConnecT1D.
6. Apply for a key volunteer position at ConnecT1D.

Mission Statement

The mission of ConnecT1D is to connect people living with Type 1 Diabetes through programs, social networking, educational meetings and support activities at every stage of their lives.