Building a Type 1 Diabetes Community Together

ConnecT1D is 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded and operated by people who either live with Type 1 Diabetes or care for someone who does. We believe social support is a critical part of managing life with Type 1 Diabetes. Our programs bring people together through meetups, retreats, and other uplifting experiences. Whether you are coping with a recent diagnosis or have had Type 1 Diabetes for years, we would love to see you at a ConnecT1D gathering soon.

Getting Connected

Are you looking for opportunities to get connected to the Type 1 Diabetes community in the Puget Sound region? ConnecT1D can help! Here are several easy ways to get started.

Get Out There

ConnecT1D offers year-round meetups all over the greater Seattle area. Most are free or low-cost. Check out our calendar or visit our pages family, adult, and teen pages for upcoming programs near you

Get On The List

Everyone is welcome at ConnecT1D programs. You can get the latest information about all of our events and gatherings on our social media networks and through our monthly e-newsletter.

Just like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or join the newsletter here.

Get Involved

Volunteers are key to everything we do at ConnecT1D. They help plan and run Family Camp and our retreats for adults and middle school students, host meetups, and provide expertise in everything from graphic design to fundraising. Visit our volunteer page to learn more about current volunteer opportunities.

Get Generous

If you believe that social support is a vital part of managing life with Type 1 Diabetes, you can invest in your Type 1 Diabetes community by making a contribution to ConnecT1D on our giving page.

Share your story

Are you already part of the ConnecT1D family? Tell us about it. We’d love to hear in your words why you choose to #GetConnecT1D.