ConnecT1D Programs

ConnecT1D is a nonprofit organization that builds communities and creates relationships for people living with Type 1 Diabetes, and incurable chronic disease.

We simply believe that life with Type 1 Diabetes is made easier when you know someone else living with the disease.

We operate year-round programs for:

  • Parents of kids with T1D
  • Tweens with T1D (ages 9-12)
  • Teens with T1D (ages 13-18)
  • Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
  • Active people of all ages with T1D via ConnecT1D GetFit Program
  • Competitive athletes with T1D via Team ConnecT1D

Additionally, we operate several unique programs that cross all our demographics, including:

ConnecT1D is a volunteer-run organization and we are only as big as our volunteer base.

If you think we're missing something, or want to see one of these programs take root in your neighborhood, let us know and we can work with you to make it happen.

ConnecT1D Family Camp
October 6 - October 8, 2017

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Our signature event, the ConnecT1D Family Camp welcomes families impacted by Type 1 Diabetes who have children of all ages.

We are proud to announce that the 6th ConnecT1D Family Camp will be held October 6-8, 2017 at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, Washington. Look for an announcement for when registration for Camp will open. Check the information below for all the details about Camp and what to expect from this amazing program.

The weekend’s agenda for parents and other caregivers includes presenters and breakout sessions covering a variety of diabetes-related topics, and includes both formal presentations from renowned experts and small group discussion to facilitate community building. 

ConnecT1D Family Camp proudly accommodates all families and volunteers with celiac disease. In fact, our entire event is 100% gluten free.

The 2016 Family Camp agenda included:

  • T1D Advocacy:
    • How to create a 504 and Care Plan.
    • How to advocate for T1D issues in your community.
  • Managing diabetes:
    • Diabetes 102: A session specifically to share tips and tricks with newly diagnosed families.
    • Sports and Diabetes: Insights from T1D athletes
  • Emotional Health:
    • Parental self-care while caring for a child with Type 1 diabetes
  • A vendor fair to examine the latest technology and programs.
  • Family team challenge adventure & Family Game Night/ Movie Night.
  • Advice and sharing from T1D life experts
    • Teen Panel
    • Adults living with T1D Panel
    • Parents Panel
  • Research Updates: the latest and most promising in diabetes research 

Signing up is easier than a 3:00 AM blood test.

Registration for Family Camp is now closed. Check back next year to join us for Family Camp 2017.

Registered Families

Get all the latest details on this year's camp, finish required paperwork, and more:

Family Camp's biggest hit: You!

Check back here for more information about when volunteer applications will open for the 2017 Family Camp. You can be a junior counselor (age 13-15), camp counselor or an event volunteer. Camp is awesome because of the counselors. You can help change a life for a kid with Type 1 Diabetes.

And you are awesome!

The application will take about 20 minutes to complete. You will need to come to a volunteer training before Camp. Training sessions will be held to the North and South of Seattle, and be available via Skype if necessary.

Camp day three: still smiling!

The ConnecT1D Teen Group make awesome counselors!

Underwater dog photos not included in camp registration.

Check out the pictures from past ConnecT1D Family Camps!

2016 ConnecT1D Family Camp
Sponsors and Vendors

Guide to ConnecT1D Family Camp

If you’ve never been to a weekend-long event like the ConnecT1D Family Camp, here’s an idea what to expect: 

For Parents: There will be programming for parents on various diabetes-related topics throughout the weekend. The formal programming begins Saturday morning after breakfast and ends right before lunch on Sunday. However, the weekend officially begins on Friday night and you won’t want to miss registration and ice breaker activities. ConnecT1D Family Camp is an opportunity for you to meet other parents and for your child to meet other children as well as their counselors. 

“An incredible weekend with my fellow T1D families - we were welcomed immediately by this new community of brave, soulful and hilarious people.”

The topics for the parents programming were selected by the volunteer committee based on the feedback provided in our community survey. They include topics as diverse as school safety, research updates, new technology, the emotional impact of diabetes on families, and others. There will be a panel of Type 1 teens who will share their perspectives on growing up with diabetes and taking ownership of their diabetes management. The weekend provides the opportunity to meet and bond with other families that know and understand the challenges and successes of parenting a child with Type 1 Diabetes. There will be ample opportunities to share your tips and strategies as well as ask about the challenges your family is currently facing.

“Before Camp we hadn’t met anyone else with
Type 1 Diabetes. We felt alone.”

For Children: There is a robust children’s program for the weekend. Your children will be supervised by volunteers that have experience with Type 1 Diabetes. Before the beginning of each session, there will be a formal handoff to the counselors that ensures your child is being supervised throughout the weekend, either by you or the volunteers. All volunteers have undergone a Washington State background check. 

The children are separated into age groups and will enjoy a wide variety of activities including arts and crafts, games, and nature hikes. Whether your child has diabetes or is a sibling of someone with diabetes, s/he will have the chance to become friends with other children that understand what it is like to be in a family impacted by diabetes.

“The only downfall was how devastated my daughter was to leave…with the help and encouragement of camp buddies, she tested herself for the first time this weekend!”

The counselors do not assist with testing, but there are scheduled testing and snack breaks built into the day. If your child is able to test on his or her own and is low, the counselors will have juice or glucose tabs to treat lows. If your child is not able to test on their own, you will be contacted immediately to come and test if a low is suspected. We train our counselors to err on the side of caution and they will provide glucose tabs or juice “in the field” or in transit to the lodge on a case by case basis.

“I cannot say in words how transformed and empowered I feel. It was awesome.”

Accommodations and Meals: Accommodations are lodge-style housing with at least one full/queen size bed per room, as well as bunk beds. Your room also includes a private bathroom. Bed linens and towels are provided. Meals will be family style in a dining hall. Carbohydrate counts will be provided for all meals. The entire weekend is gluten free to accommodate our celiac families. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided on Saturday and breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sunday. You’ll be responsible for your own dinner on Friday evening.

Family Camp Information

frequently asked questions

To help you prepare for the weekend, we’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions about ConnecT1D Family Camp. Have a question that’s not listed below? Please email us at

Where are we staying?

Warm Beach Camp provides lodge-style housing with an en suite bathroom. Bed linens and towels are provided, but don’t forget your favorite personal toiletries.

Where is Warm Beach Camp?

Warm Beach Camp is located about 50 miles north of Seattle, near Stanwood, Washington. The camp address is 20800 Marine Drive, Stanwood, WA 98292
Directions coming from the North (Mt. Vernon, Bellingham)
  • Going south on I-5, take exit 212 (Stanwood/Camano Island).
  • Turn right onto Hwy 532 and travel approximately 5 1/4 miles west to Stanwood.
  • Turn left at the 4th light onto 88th Ave NW and go 1/4 mile to stop sign.
  • Turn right onto Marine Drive and travel south for approximately 4 miles to Warm Beach Camp entrance on the right.
Directions coming from the South (Marysville, Everett, Seattle)
  • Going north on I-5, take exit 206 (172nd St NE).
  • Turn left onto 172nd St NE, cross over the freeway, and proceed approximately 2 1/4 miles to the stop sign.
  • Turn right onto Hwy 531 (Lakewood Road) and travel approximately 6 miles to the stop sign at Marine Drive.
  • Turn right onto Marine Drive and go approximately 1 1/4 miles to Warm Beach Camp entrance on the left.

What are the registration fees to attend ConnecT1D Family Camp?

  • Adults – $105 per person
  • Kids (ages 4-12) – $85 per child
  • Volunteers & kids under 4 – FREE

When do we need to arrive?

Registration is open between 5:00-7:00 PM Friday evening. Please be sure to eat dinner before you arrive.

What is the schedule for the weekend?

The full agenda will be posted shortly, but here’s a sneak peek:
Saturday will be a full day of activities for parents and kids. We kick off at 8:00 with breakfast, we have several speakers and breakout sessions for the parents, who will cover topics that may include diabetes in schools, managing the emotional impact of diabetes on your child and your family, pumping and CGMs, and many more. We’ll cap things off with a camp fire or other social activity Saturday night.
Sunday will likely include a diabetes research update and the ever-popular Teen Panel.

How much time will the kids spend with us vs. with the camp counselors?

Counselors will ensure your kids are safe and have a great time while you are attending the various speakers and breakout sessions throughout the weekend.
Children are with their families for all meals, snacks, family free time on Saturday afternoon, camp fire and overnight.
A formal camper hand-off process is utilized to ensure camper safety.

Who will be watching my child?

Our volunteers either have Type 1 Diabetes or a close connection to it.
Volunteer counselors are ages 16 and up. Junior counselors are ages 13-15. Each age group will have one or more counselor over the age of 18.
Our child-to-volunteer ratio for the weekend is 2:1 or 3:1, depending on the age group.
All volunteers pass a background check prior to camp and go through a volunteer training course offered by ConnecT1D.

What if my child needs help testing during a play session?

Volunteers will contact parents of campers that cannot test themselves to assist with testing.
Volunteers are not authorized to assist with testing or injections.
We train our counselors to err on the side of caution and they will provide glucose tabs or juice “in the field” on a case by case basis.

What if my child is low while they are in a play session?

If your child does not test their own blood sugar, counselors will bring you to your child to have you assist with testing.
If your child does test their own blood sugar, they will complete the test on their own and counselors will provide juice or glucose tabs, if necessary, and update you during the next camper hand off.
We encourage parents to consider the amount of activity their kids will be doing for the weekend and adjust basal rates accordingly.

What medical supplies do I need to pack?

You should bring all testing, low blood sugar treatment supplies, insulin, needles and pumping supplies necessary for your child’s care for the weekend. Back up low blood sugar supplies will be available.

One of my kids will be a camper and one is a counselor. What are the fees for our family and will our counselor teen stay with us?

Your family will pay for all adult participants and campers. Volunteer counselors are free; you are not charged the adult participation fee for volunteer counselors.
Unless other requests are made, counselors will be assigned to the volunteer housing quarters. For our teen volunteers this is a great way to meet and reconnect with other teens with diabetes. Adult supervision is provided in the teen lodges.

What does our registration fee include?

Lodging with en suite bathrooms, five meals, three snacks, diabetes management seminars and child care.

My child has Celiac Disease. Will there be food available that (s)he can eat?

We know that 10% of all kids with Type 1 Diabetes have a dual diagnosis of celiac disease and have elected to make our entire event gluten free. We work with the kitchen staff at Warm Beach to ensure that best practices for food prep are taken. While we cannot promise the event will be 100% immune from gluten cross contamination, volunteers with celiac disease are working with the Camp to ensure that all precautions are taken to ensure safety. Dedicated gluten free toasters and baking equipment will be used in all instances. All kitchen surfaces and cooking stations will have been deeply cleaned and sanitized prior to our arrival on Friday evening. In fact, we negotiated with the Camp that the entire Camp will be gluten free for the entire weekend, including for any persons not affiliated with ConnecT1D, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Can grandparents, caregivers and other family members attend camp?

Absolutely! The whole family is welcome to join in a weekend of learning and camaraderie with other families impacted by Type 1 Diabetes.

Can we bring our dog?

Unfortunately our camp facilities cannot accommodate pets. Exceptions are made for service animals including Diabetes Alert Dogs.

Is there Wi-Fi at camp?

Wi-Fi is available in select locations throughout the camp, but not reliably in all cabins.

What is Your Refund policy?

We will refund registration costs 100% up to 1 month prior to camp and 50% refund up to 2 weeks before camp. After that we are unfortunately unable to refund tickets due to room costs and food orders being finalized with the venue. 

Team ConnecT1D welcomes T1 and T3 athletes of all abilities and ambitions.  Join us at an event, wear our colors for your training or races, or chat with our members about what interests you.  Let's build a community around our passions.  When not weighed down by Beta cells, we can do some amazing things.

For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, please email Alex Bautz.

Team ConnecT1D Logo.jpg

How to be a part of Team ConnecT1D:

Whether it is your first 5K or tenth Ragnar, if you would like to be a part of Team ConnecT1D, there is a place for you.

In 2017, we have reformatted what it means to be a part of Team ConnecT1D.  For the registration cost of $15.00, members will receive:

  • A Team ConnecT1D visor
  • Access to any and all of our Team ConnecT1D 2017 events and team meet ups
  • A member profile on our Team ConnecT1D webpage (see below)
  • Eligibility to join the Team ConnecT1D committee for event planning and organization
*You do not have to be a registered member to join Team ConnecT1D at all races, just the ones marked with an asterisk on the calendar.

Team ConnecT1D 2017 Event Calendar

*Events marked with an asterick are restricted to registered Team ConnecT1D members

Team Members

Alex Bautz

Hometown: Shoreline, WA (born Baltimore, MD)

Age: 29

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

Alex has been a member of Team ConnecT1D since 2014, participating in a number of Ragnar events, 2 Half Ironman, Tough Mudder, Ski to Sea, and several sprint Triathlon and 5K events with Team ConnecT1D.

TDI Picture.jpg

Debbie O'Neal

Hometown: Renton, WA

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

I have been T1D for 28 years, and a runner for 21 years.

Scott Jozefowski

Hometown: Shoreline, WA (born Baltimore, MD)

Age: 47

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

I've been type 1 for 34 years and 10 years ago decided to enter the endurance sport world, racing in 44 triathlons and several other races. T1D isn't a limiter it's a motivator for me!!! From Baltimore , but been west for last 23+ years and won't go back

Joel Calhoun

Hometown: Everett, WA (born Lewiston, ID and grew up in East Wenatchee, WA)

Age: 38

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

Misdiagnosed as Type 2 in 2014, then diagnosed with LADA (1.5) in 2016.  My diagnosis has definitely been the ultimate motivator for me to keep active.

Team ConnecT1D Logo.jpg

This could be you


Sandy Graf

Hometown: Hauser, ID

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

I am a T1 Diabetic, and this diagnosis at age 39 is what kicked my butt into gear and I am now live a very active lifestyle. Running is my main activity, I have done dozens of half marathons, and will be attempting Big Sur as my first full marathon in April of 2017!

2014 E2U2 CJ.JPG

Carla Hellekson

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: My Daughter

My daughter Olivia has been challenged with T1D since age 9. She and her husband are my inspiration to keep on working for a cure.

Team ConnecT1D Athletic Gear

We are finalizing our order, and will have items stocked in our team store as soon as we receive them.  Check out our apparel, and keep in mind that registering for certain events with Team ConnecT1D includes a tech t-shirt and/or a visor.

You would look good in ConnecT1D Blue.

Email Alex Bautz with questions or to find out more.

Meet our proud 2017 Team ConnecT1D Sponsors and Partners

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors



ConnecT1D Teen Group / Teen Leadership Camp

ConnecT1D  is hosting its first Teen Leadership Camp this summer from August 7-10. This first of its type camp will be a three-day / three-night program held at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood.

This Camp is specifically for T1 teens between the ages of 15 and 18. It will emphasize personal independence, managing transitions to life beyond high school and of particular excitement to us at ConnecT1D, build leadership skills for campers. We expect an outcome from Camp to be a newly revitalized year round teen program at ConnecT1D, run by teens, led by teens, managed by teens and built by teens.

That’s right. Anyone can go to camp and do a ropes course. But at the ConnecT1D Teen Leadership Camp, you get the ropes course AND the chance to build a sustainable teen program under the guidance and mentorship of other Type 1 mentors.

With that, here's what you can do!

  1. Save the Dates August 7-10, 2017 for the Teen Leadership Camp. Sign up below to get notified when registration opens up.
  2. Join the Planning Committee! We are looking for teens and young adults to help build this Camp. Read below for more info and to apply.
  3. Be a mentor! We are also recruiting college age and young adults with T1D to serve as mentors to build this program and volunteer at Camp. Read below for more info and to apply.
  4. Spread the Word. Send this website to other teens with T1D! We’re so excited to be building another great program for the T1D community and can only reach the people that you help us to. Let’s do this!

Join the Planning Committee

ConnecT1D is actively recruiting teens and young adults to serve on the planning committee for the Teen Leadership Conference. 

This committee is led by Jake Johnston and Jamie Elzea and will meet monthly via Skype. The first meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 6 at 6:30 PM.

Committee members are asked to commit to monthly meetings and to take on additional projects and provide input as needed. This is expected to require 1-3 hours per week. All tasks can be done electronically and remotely and we use a collaboration platform called BaseCamp to make sure we're all on the same page with our work.

You do not need to have any specific background in order to be a part of this committee. Instead, we are looking for smart, motivated, collaborative people that believe in our vision for a teen camp and program.

For some high school age students, this work may contribute to your volunteer or community service requirements. 

About the Teen Leadership Camp

ConnecT1D is hosting the first Teen Leadership Camp for teens with Type 1 Diabetes ages 15-18 August 7-10, 2017 at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, Washington.

Camp will be three days and three nights and include all linens, meals, snacks and materials. Camp will be staffed by ConnecT1D volunteers and have on site medical support.

We expect an outcome from Camp to be the creation of a year-round teen program for ConnecT1D, led and managed by teens. We further expect to elect one or more teens to a leadership council that will work with the ConnecT1D Board of Directors to give a voice to teens for all of ConnecT1D's activities and to serve as a liaison to the Board for the teen program.

At other camps, you get lifetime memories, a friendship bracelet and a merit badge. At the ConnecT1D Teen Leadership Camp, you get all that and the chancee to serve on the Board of Directors with the training and mentorship needed to be an effective force!




ConnecT1D Tween Group


The ConnecT1D Teen Program involves T1D youth between the ages of 9 and 12 and their siblings and friends.  The tween group will meet four to six times each year with events designed to be social connection opportunities. Over the past year, the Teen Group has:

  • been hiking
  • went bowling
  • participated in Family Camp
  • went rock climbing
  • played at an indoor trampoline park

The Tween Group gives tweens the chance to practice being independent with their diabetes management while giving parents and caregivers the chance to connect.

To get involved, send an email to to get on the email list and watch the calendar for upcoming events.

ConnecT1D Adult T1D Social Group

ConnecT1D runs a regular Adult T1D Social Group as an opportunity for our community to be around their peers who understand what day to day life with T1D involves. Our group is open to spouses and support partners as well. 

These regularly scheduled events range from physical activities (roller skating, bowling) to social events (karaoke, Rat City Rollergirls) happy hour get-togethers to fundraisers for ConnecT1D and other T1D organizations.

To get involved, sign up below to get on the email list and watch the calendar for upcoming events.

ConnecT1D Speaker Series

ConnecT1D is partnering with other T1D leaders and organizations to put on content events for the Type 1 Diabetes community. These events are generally opportunities to have facilitated discussions around topics that often aren't a part of your medical team or personal support discussions.

Make sure you've signed up for the newsletter, liked us on Facebook and are watching the calendar for upcoming events.

Upcoming events:

ConnecT1D's "Type 1 Diabetes -  Not Your Typical BS" Speaker Series

Workshop 1: Successfully Navigating the Unpredictability of Diabetes: How to free you from thinking about BS all day long

 2 sessions offered: Thursday, 4/28 from 6:30-8pm OR Saturday, 4/30 from 1:30 – 3pm

  • How to replace fear w/ possibility
  • Simple steps for always being prepared
  • The importance of practicing Mindfulness...and how to do it

Workshop 2: Key Essentials for Making Travel with Diabetes Safe and Fun: Keeping your BS in check on the go)

2 sessions offered: Thursday, 5/5/16 from 6:30 – 8pm OR Saturday, 5/7 from 1:30 – 3pm

  • What you can/cannot take while traveling
  • What you must take while traveling
  • Navigating diabetes when traveling abroad
  • Tips for managing BS when eating unfamiliar food

Facilitator info:

Dr. Jody Stanislaw received her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 2007 from one of the top holistic medical schools in the country, Bastyr University. She has had Type 1 herself for 35 years.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Unlike the relationship series, there is no age minimum for these events.

Where is the event?

Phinney Neighborhood Association, 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle WA 98087

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There is limited parking at the Phinney Neighborhood Association on nearby streets or small lot in rear.

We recommend biking or taking Metro (route 5) if you are able to do so.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can direct any questions to Cassady or to ConnecT1D.

How do I register for the event?

Click on the button above to register. You'll receive a confirmation email when registration is complete.

ConnecT1D Parent Group

ConnecT1D coordinates regular meetup for parents of T1D kids of all ages. These informal events are simply a chance to meet other parents, compare notes and get some new tips and tricks about living with T1D in the family.

Put another way, your medical care team can certainly help diagnose basal rates. But only other parents can help you figure out school field trips while withholding judgement from your sleep-deprived eyes.

If you would like to see a meetup take place in your community, let us know via the form below and we'll be in touch. We rely on volunteers to coordinate these events and can assist by getting the word out to a broad audience.

To join an event, watch the calendar and sign up for the Enewsletter. To help organize a meetup in your community, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

ConnecT1D Adult Retreat  

April 22-23, 2017

 Clearwater Resort in Suquamish, Washington!


Has a cupcake ever saved your life? Us too! The 2nd annual ConnecT1D Adult Retreat is all about tapping into a community of people who get you. Come spend a weekend with us as we live it up doing fun activities--all related to promoting social connection and emotional wellness while living with T1D. 

The ConnecT1D Adult Retreat is an opportunity for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their partners (T3s) to come together for a weekend retreat in Suquamish, WA (just a ferry ride away from Seattle) to learn, share and connect around the experience of living with T1D. Through humor, compassion and honesty, national and local speakers will lead workshops on a variety of topics addressing the psychological and social aspects of the unique life that is living with this chronic condition. Guest vendors will share the latest technology, devices, resources, and services in the T1D world and allow hands on opportunities to see the latest T1D management tools.

The two-day ConnecT1D Retreat will be held at the beautiful Clearwater Resort and includes:

  • Keynote address by Mike Lawson, PWD (Person with Diabetes) and Senior Director of Programs and Marketing for the Diabetes Hands Foundation (click here for full bio
  • Workshops and breakout discussion groups led by local speakers who are PWD or T3 (click here for speaker bios)
  • Exciting updates on T1D Technology and Research
  • Vendor fair
  • Yoga session(s)--bring your yoga mat!
  • Evening activities to further connect
  • Overnight accommodations at the beautiful hotel resort with hot tub, indoor pool, casino
  • Saturday lunch, snacks, beverages and dinner
  • Sunday breakfast, lunch, beverages

    Email questions to


    Scenes from our First ConnecT1D Retreat in 2016:


    Advocacy Efforts

    ConnecT1D works with other organizations to make sure that the voice of people with Type 1 Diabetes is considered in regulatory and legislative discussions.

    We've launched a new initiative where people can sign up to be advocates - check it out at

    August 8, 2016 Update
    Prior Authorization for Long Acting Insulin

    Thank you for your help! We had 353 people from Washington State sign our letter to the Washington State Health Care Authority. We'll keep this site updated with additional news!

    Background: on July 1, the State of Washington created a new drug class for long acting insulin. This means that for the first time, all long acting insulin is subject to a prior authorization before being prescribed. Yes, we think that is ridiculous too.

    If you agree with us that insulin should not be subject to prior authorization in order to be prescribed, please read the letter below and add your name to it. The more signatures we get, the more impactful our message and our opportunity to get this decision reconsidered.

    You should also check out some of the great work being done by other advocacy organizations:

    Want to learn more or get updates on advocacy efforts? Sign up for the Newsletter below and we'll be in touch!

    ConnecT1D Founders Dinner

    May 25, 2017       Seattle, WA

    Join us for an evening of celebration, connection, and community

    Founders Dinner is an intimate evening to bring together leaders and champions in the Type 1 Diabetes community. This year we look back at the roots of ConnecT1D to honor the Founders who created this vital community network and will share how our team of passionate change makers is expanding our reach to support even more children, teens, families and adults living with Type 1. 

    The Founders Dinner is the primary source of funding support for the ConnecT1D Family Camp. We are proud to offer a place that many newly diagnosed and experienced families alike find their T1D village--connections that grow long after camp is over. We could not run Camp without the generous support that comes from this special evening. 


    Table Hosts find your complete hosting toolkit to recruit and enroll guests

    Individual Dinner Attendees RSVP here by May 15th to reserve your seat

    Cannot attend? Invest in the power of connection for Type 1 children & families Donate to support Family Camp


    All Alpha No Beta Virtual 5K

    November 13th - 19th, 2017

    We are currently working on development for the 2017 connect1d all alpha no beta 5K.  stay tuned for updates...

    Register Not Open Yet

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Where do I register?

    At the top right of this page is an Eventbrite widget where you can sign up.

    When is the race?


    When will I get my medal?

    Medals are sent out at the end of the event window.

    How do I upload results?

    Follow the link on this page to the ConnecT1D Strava Group and register for a free account.  This site collects uploads from a number of gps devices, as well as allows for manual entry.

    What if I do not have a gps device?

    You can use the manual entry option in Strava to indicate your distance and time.