Team ConnecT1D

Team ConnecT1D is a group of high-performance amateur T1D athletes who compete in triathlons, marathons, bicycle races and other endurance and competitive events.

Team ConnecT1D serves as a platform for athletes impacted by Type 1 Diabetes to find connections, learn about activities, and share unique experiences.  We believe people will be more willing to try new activities, to sign up for more ambitious events, and to engage with other T1D athletes when they have a banner to race under and a program to support their efforts.  Team ConnecT1D welcomes T1 and T3 athletes of all abilities and ambitions.  Join us at an event, wear our colors for your training or races, or chat with our members about what interests you.  Let's build a community around our passions.  When not weighed down by Beta cells, we can do some amazing things.

For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, please email Alex Bautz.

Team ConnecT1D Call to Arms Video

A video recap of and Call to Arms for Team ConnecT1D from 2014 to 2015.

Team Members

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Team ConnecT1D Athletic Gear

Cycling, Running, and Triathlon gear is now available on our team store.  Check out our available gear and represent Team ConnecT1D when you demonstrate your athletic chops.  We currently have limited supply and sizes, but will have a reorder later in the year.  You would look good in ConnecT1D Blue.

Email Alex Bautz with questions or to find out more.

Meet our proud 2016 Team ConnecT1D Sponsors