Team ConnecT1D welcomes T1 and T3 athletes of all abilities and ambitions.  Join us at an event, wear our colors for your training or races, or chat with our members about what interests you.  Let's build a community around our passions.  When not weighed down by Beta cells, we can do some amazing things.

For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, please email Alex Bautz.

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How to be a part of Team ConnecT1D:

Whether it is your first 5K or tenth Ragnar, if you would like to be a part of Team ConnecT1D, there is a place for you.

In 2017, we have reformatted what it means to be a part of Team ConnecT1D.  For the registration cost of $15.00, members will receive:

  • A Team ConnecT1D visor
  • Access to any and all of our Team ConnecT1D 2017 events and team meet ups
  • A member profile on our Team ConnecT1D webpage (see below)
  • Eligibility to join the Team ConnecT1D committee for event planning and organization
*You do not have to be a registered member to join Team ConnecT1D at all races, just the ones marked with an asterisk on the calendar.

Team ConnecT1D 2017 Event Calendar

*Events marked with an asterick are restricted to registered Team ConnecT1D members

Team Members

Alex Bautz

Hometown: Shoreline, WA (born Baltimore, MD)

Age: 29

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

Alex has been a member of Team ConnecT1D since 2014, participating in a number of Ragnar events, 2 Half Ironman, Tough Mudder, Ski to Sea, and several sprint Triathlon and 5K events with Team ConnecT1D.

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Debbie O'Neal

Hometown: Renton, WA

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

I have been T1D for 28 years, and a runner for 21 years.

Scott Jozefowski

Hometown: Shoreline, WA (born Baltimore, MD)

Age: 47

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

I've been type 1 for 34 years and 10 years ago decided to enter the endurance sport world, racing in 44 triathlons and several other races. T1D isn't a limiter it's a motivator for me!!! From Baltimore , but been west for last 23+ years and won't go back

Joel Calhoun

Hometown: Everett, WA (born Lewiston, ID and grew up in East Wenatchee, WA)

Age: 38

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

Misdiagnosed as Type 2 in 2014, then diagnosed with LADA (1.5) in 2016.  My diagnosis has definitely been the ultimate motivator for me to keep active.

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This could be you


Sandy Graf

Hometown: Hauser, ID

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: Me!

I am a T1 Diabetic, and this diagnosis at age 39 is what kicked my butt into gear and I am now live a very active lifestyle. Running is my main activity, I have done dozens of half marathons, and will be attempting Big Sur as my first full marathon in April of 2017!

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Carla Hellekson

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Connection to Type 1 Diabetes: My Daughter

My daughter Olivia has been challenged with T1D since age 9. She and her husband are my inspiration to keep on working for a cure.

Team ConnecT1D Athletic Gear

We are finalizing our order, and will have items stocked in our team store as soon as we receive them.  Check out our apparel, and keep in mind that registering for certain events with Team ConnecT1D includes a tech t-shirt and/or a visor.

You would look good in ConnecT1D Blue.

Email Alex Bautz with questions or to find out more.

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