Empowering Families and Adults Living With Type 1 Diabetes

           Social support may not be as important as insulin, but it’s close. That’s why our passion is helping people who need it find people who get it.  Because simply knowing you’re not alone can be life-saving. But our programs don’t happen without support from donors like you. Like direct care, research, and new technology, social support steady doses of time, talent, and money.

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Here are just a few of the experiences that are made possible by community support.  

  • ConnecT1D’s annual Family Camp

  • Free monthly meetups at playgrounds and other family-friends places

  • Leadership trainings and experiences for T1 teens

  • Runs, walks, and rides organized by Team ConnecT1D

  • Adult retreats and parent nights


ConnecT1D Family Camp held it's 6th year of bringing 250 T1D children, families, and over 60 volunteers together for a memorable weekend of:

  • Researchers, panelists, and speakers for parent education and support

  • Hours of play, games, crafts and adventures for Type 1 children (ages 0-12) and their siblings

  • Family connection activities & events

“An incredible weekend with my fellow T1D families - we were welcomed immediately by this new community of brave, soulful and hilarious people.”-Family Camp Parent



This year we held our 2nd annual ConnecT1D Retreat. Adults with Type 1 Diabetes & T3 partners spent the weekend: 

  • Engaging in interactive talks from nationally renowned T1D speakers

  • Learning the latest in T1D management, technology, and research

  • Exploring the unique T1D life through recreation, connection & relaxation in a beautiful setting

Help us serve even more adults at our next Retreat

ConnecT1D Family Meetups brought children with T1D and their families together laugh, play and unite in shared experience at playgrounds, a corn maze, and outdoor movie, and more.

ConnecT1D Adult Social Group chatted over dinners, happy hours, and recreation.

Growing our list of local hosts, we are finding new areas and spaces to bring Type 1 friends old & new together!      

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In 2018, the ConnecT1D staff, board and volunteers have big plans to:

  • Reach even more Type 1 adults, children and families in our communities, including those newly diagnosed

  • Grow our meetups to help you connect with Type 1 friends near you

  • Plan our first ever ConnecT1D Teen Middle School Retreat

  • Build on the past successes, to create more connections and memories through the ConnecT1D Family Camp & ConnecT1D Retreat,

Here's the thing: We cannot do it without you! ConnecT1D programs rely on the generosity of donors to fund everything from family scholarships for camp, T1D expert speakers, to lots and lots of emergency low juice supplies :) 

Consider: What do ConnecT1D programs mean to you? How can you be a part of connecting others with Type 1 Diabetes?

Whether a one-time donation or a recurring monthly contribution, 100% of your tax-deductible gift goes to fund our mission.