Get ready for Family Camp!

You're all signed up for Family Camp and looking forward to meeting new families in September. This page exists to expedite your registration at Camp.

Please review the documents below and sign them. Doing so prior to Camp makes the registration go so much faster. Like a kid with a 40 BG eating a bag of pretzels fast. Yep, that fast.

When you get to Camp, you'll check in at the main conference center. ConnecT1D volunteers will make sure we have all of your paperwork and give you your room key. From there, you can unpack and start to explore the facility. Our program begins Friday evening at 7PM.

Huge reminder: you are responsible for your family's food on Friday. ConnecT1D starts handling food on Saturday morning for the remainder of the event. You should bring dinner and snacks with you as there are limited options available off campus without a drive.


1) You need to complete each of the following forms below prior to September 25th, 2016. The forms are:

  • Permission to appear in the ConnecT1D Family Camp Directory (filled out by one family member)
  • Acknowledgement of the ConnecT1D Family Camp photography policy (filled out by one family member)
  • Waiver Liability (must be signed by each attending adult AND on behalf of each attending child)

2) Start to get to know the 2016 Family Camp Families: Join our facebook group to introduce your family beforehand and stay in touch for meetups after Camp! 

3) Sign up to help in a small way to keep the weekend running smoothly while at camp

Form #1: Permission to Appear in the ConnecT1D Family Camp Directory

Please review this form and opt-in to listing your family in the 2016 ConnecT1D Family Camp Directory. This form gives ConnecT1D permission to include your family in the Camp Directory that goes out to everyone who attends Camp so that the friendships formed this weekend can continue to grow.

Participating in the directory is intended as a service for you as an attendee. It is a completely optional, opt-in process. The directory will only be distributed to those families who actually attend camp.

Form #2: Permission to use images and video

Each family attending Family Camp must complete this short form.

I give permission to ConnecT1D to use photos, video, audio recordings and/or any other forms of media taken of my child(ren) during the Activities, without payment, in any future ConnecT1D materials. Furthermore, ConnecT1D will not identify any depicted youth/child(ren) by name unless mutually agreed to by both parties.

Name *
I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this Authorization & Waiver. I understand the terms of this Authorization & Waiver and I have willingly signed it as my own free act.
Please list everyone attending Family Camp that is a part of your family group.

Form #3: Liability Waiver

Each family attending Family Camp must complete this form. We thank you for completing these forms online before Camp. Please review the waiver liability file on the left below and when you are done, complete the liability waiver form on the right side.

I can do one small thing to help at camp!

Name *
How I can help
While we have official camp volunteers, they will be hard at work caring for our children and preparing parent events. We need YOU parents who are coming to camp to help in small ways in between activities. Many hands make light work. Please let us know if you can help with one or more of these tasks. THANK YOU!

Get ConnecT1D!

Start to get to know the 2016 Family Camp Families: Join our facebook group to introduce your family beforehand and stay in touch for meetups after Camp! 

You're all done! See you at Family Camp!